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Direct Trade is about relationships. It is a method of sourcing coffee. It is about quality. It is about respect. It is the best way to get the highest quality coffee, in the most sustainable manner. Coffee buyers travel the world to find the best coffee from the best farms. When they find it, they work directly with the farmer to purchase the coffee, typically at much higher prices than the farmer can get selling through conventional methods. Bottom line, the farmer is empowered while the buyer gets the best coffee. Ultimately, consumers win by getting the best cup of coffee that has been ethically sourced. 

Originally the Direct Trade Coffee Club was for consumers who wanted a Coffee Club Subscription.  However, we discovered over time that many businesses, restaurants, cafe's, coffee shops and church's want to offer their customers and employees the best coffee while also being confident that the coffee farmers and pickers are being paid a living wage. To meet this need we launched a wholesale program for volume purchases in late 2011.

The Direct Trade Coffee Club is the only subscription based club offering the highest quality coffee which has been sourced in the most sustainable manner and its easy to join! You choose the amount of coffee you want delivered and the frequency you want it to arrive, we do the rest!

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